Vänersborg 2022

Varmt välkomna till Vänersborg

Den 12 juni 2022 anordnar vi en officiell utställning i Vänersborg. Här finns alltså möjlighet till Cert!

Utställningen kommer att hållas i samband med SKK's arrangemang samma helg och på samma område

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Anmäler er gör ni här

Kalvo Kriisk, Estland

Dogs have been in my life most of my life. I really wanted a dog when I was little boy, but I got my first dog at the age of 12. Before that I collected stamps and postcards with dogs.
My first dog was poodle. Today I have owner and breeder of curly coated retrievers and golden retrievers. Retrievers I have since 2000. I have bred some world winners and many of my progenies live all over world. Together with my wife Vivian, we have also Lhasa Apsos, American Cocker Spaniels and one Jack Russel terrier at home. In our home live some really succesful lhasas who are very succesful lately in shows all over Europe and America.

I have been many years board member of Estonian Kennel Union. Also I have been active in breed clubs – I'm president of Estonian golden retrievers club about 10 years.

Currently I have licence to judge dogs FCI groups, 4,5,6,7,8 – full groups + some additional breeds from group 3 and 9. I have been judged in many countries Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Finland, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Ireland, Belarus, Poland, The Netherlands, Slovakia, Denmark, Norway, Ukraine and France.

Most important is that I’m proud father for 2 most beautiful daughters, 2 years old Elsa and 1 month old Selma. In my working life I work as logistics manager in food industries. (texten är från år 2019)